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Automated routine for daily customer calls

Save time and free your employees from a repetitive and time-consuming task. Autoflows ensures that you have a fixed and automated routine for handling your customer calls.

A complete solution with no setup required

We provide a complete and ready-to-run service that doesn’t require any setup or configuration. To get started, all you have to do is click on a simple confirmation email from Autoflows.

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Kick-start your digital transformation and boost your online bookings. Get a consistent flow of customers to your workshop. More bookings mean more sales. And more happy customers!

How Autoflows works

Lean back, relax and let Autoflows do the job. We provide a plug-n-play
solution so you can focus on running your workshop


Autoflows connects to your DMS and the vehicle registry.

Our solution takes care of the entire data process with automatic loading and intelligent customer checks.

Removes inactive

The Autoflows integration with the vehicle registry allows you to check whether a car has changed ownership or has been deregistered, so you don’t need to worry about following up on customers who no longer own a specific vehicle.


Autoflows analyzes on a daily basis your repair codes and invoice data to intelligently identify customers due a visit.

As your customers book times at your workshop, the booking information is automatically updated, so you can follow up on customers who have not responded to your invites.


Send automatic invitations to your customers.

Send automatic email and text message (SMS) invitations. Customers can effortlessly accept or reject your invitation and even provide their reasons.


Autoflows integrates with your online booking system.

Your customers can book online on the go, so you can save time from picking up the phone for individual booking calls. Autoflows connects to your online booking system and creates a list of customers for follow-up.


The Autoflows dashboard helps you measure your performance and handle customer inquiries.

See how you are doing against your call targets. Customers who have been invited to book an appointment are gathered in a simple overview, so that the workshop can track whether the booking has been completed and, if necessary, contact the customer.

Automized automotive flows

Automate your core processes to reduce time spent on ineffective follow-up and maximize customer retention

Workshop reporting

We organize your data with our dynamic dashboard solution to help you focus on what is important to achieve your targets. Our reporting dashboards can be used to report order data and customer satisfaction, and easily glance at employee performance. And with our personalized action plans, you can prioritize the most important activities for you to meet your goals.

Service calls

We completely automate your service calls by identifying customers in your order database who are due a service visit and sending them an automatic e-mail or text message invitation.

Wheel change

We use your order data and tyre hotel information to automate your wheel change flow. Identified customers are automatically invited to book an appointment through our e-mail and text message flow.

Vehicle inspection check

We combine the information you have about your customers with data from the vehicle registry to identify potential vehicles with an upcoming inspection. Identified customers are automatically sent an email or text message invitation to book an appointment.

Customer follow-up

We ensure that your customers have everything they need in connection with their latest visit with our automated follow-up solution. Customers can easily interact with your workshop through our e-mail and text message flow.


We combine your recent workshop customers with data from the vehicle registry (e.g., lease expiration, mileage, car age) to identify potential sales leads. Identified customers can automatically interact with your sales department through our e-mail and text message flow.

Customer satisfaction

Get clear insights on what to improve to keep your customers. We provide you with concrete recommendations on what actions to take in connection with your service visits to maximize customer retention.

Real-time connections
for maximum efficiency

Autoflows connects to the systems you use every day.

Trusted by over 300 brands and dealers in the Nordics

Meet our customers

We didn’t have a systematic routine for service calls. It was mainly done manually and infrequently, which meant we lost customers along the way.

Autoflows is an essential help in keeping track of our customers and automizing our workflows. The system connects with our online booking and it’s easy to see which customers to follow up on.

Henning Christiansen Owner, AutoMester Løgumkloster

We used to spend a lot of time on following up without getting any results.

Now we save a lot time and the integration with the vehicle registry is really cool. We didn’t have that possibility when doing it ourselves.

Jacob Lavdal Aftermarket manager, Poul Rasmussen Bilcenter

The advantage of using Autoflows is that things are done automatically, and we can ensure an efficient follow-up process.

Per Elstrøm Head of warranty, Bojsen Biler

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