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Our mission is to help automotive dealers and workshops improve their performance and customer satisfaction. We’ve been working with the industry for over 10 years and our CEM system is used by over 300 dealers and workshops across the Nordic region.

Autoflows is a complete and ready-to-run service that helps dealers and workshops automate repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as customer invitations for vehicle inspections and wheel changes. Autoflows enables your customers to easily book online, so you can get a consistent flow of customers to your workshop and boost your revenue.

Our team

Jonas Billström Dealer Development Manager

+45 70 20 10 75

Lars Gunnar Tronaas Dealer Development Manager

+47 91 85 91 04

Nicholas Malcolm Managing Director & Partner

+45 30 99 14 21

Kasper Lykke Pedersen Partner

+45 42 23 80 44

Marc Bauer Partner

+45 30 99 14 24

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