How Autoflows has helped Kloster Biler automate service calls, inspections and wheel changes

Manually handling customer calls for vehicle inspections and wheel changes, following up to customers, and monitoring their satisfaction can be a repetitive and time consuming task for dealers and workshops.

We’ve sat down with Henning Christiansen, Owner at Kloster Biler, to find out what challenges he used to experience before, and how he now takes full advantage of Autoflows to manage service calls and customer follow-ups.

Henning told us that, with Autoflows, he’s managed to automate tasks like customer invitations for vehicle inspections and wheel changes, and he’s enabled his customers to easily book online, so he can get a consistent flow of customers, and boost his revenue.

What made you decide to use Autoflows?

«I don’t think the independent workshops have been very good at working with service calls. We haven’t at least. But Autoflows has helped us with that. We can now book calls for service, inspections, and wheel changes.»

How does Autoflows help you in your daily operations?

«Autoflows has made it possible for me to see, in a detailed way, our revenue, on a weekly basis, filtered by working hours, services and spare parts – all the way down to the car model, where we can see the average invoice per order. When Autoflows checks if a car has been deregistered in the vehicle registry, then our files are tidied up all the time. So we don’t have old cars and customers on our files. It gets cleaned up on a regular basis.»

Why would you recommend Autoflows to other workshops?

«I would recommend this to other workshops because it has freed up lots of resources for us. There are so many things that are automated with the service calls. Before, we did it sporadically when we saw the calendar starting to free up. Then we checked manually who had been in for a service and who hadn’t. It was such a hassle. Now it’s working much more smoothly.»

About Kloster Biler

Kloster Biler is an authorized Peugeot dealership and AutoMester workshop located in Løgumkloster, South Jutland, Denmark.

Kloster Biler is qualified to take care of all car brands, meaning that it can perform service inspections and repairs on any car.

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