How P. Christensen uses Autoflows to streamline activities across brands and departments

Dealing with service calls and customer follow-ups used to be a repetitive and time consuming task for dealers and workshops — and it still is for some.

We’ve had a chat with Martin Ring Bjørnelund, Aftermarket Manager at P. Christensen, to find out what challenges he used to experience before, and how he now takes full advantage of Autoflows to automate tasks like customer invitations for vehicle inspections and wheel changes.

What made you decide to use Autoflows?

«I think there are a lot of people who do not have complete control of the value chain. How much does it cost us to handle service calls in terms of resources, data-handling, calls, follow-up calls? Do we work in a structured way with it? Do we have control over it? What is the feedback? How do we connect the dots? We save a lot of time and we get back 10-20 times what we used to spend in resources before for data exporting, data handling and data cleansing. So Autoflows could have cost four times as much, and it would still have been a really good deal for us.»

What has been the impact of Autoflows on your customer bookings?

«We would like to push our customers to a more digital behavior, and we have succeeded with that by using the dashboard from Autoflows, where we make the service calls from. We have observed a substantial increase in the open rate of our text message invitations. 20% more customers book online and we see it across all age groups.»

Were you hesitant to push a digital solution to a customer segment that might be resistant to technology?

«We were nervous that the older generation wouldn’t take full advantage of that. But we can see that 90% of our customers work digitally. We have a 20% higher hit-rate on our first service call via autoflows, in comparison to our old methods. That, in itself, is outstanding.»

How does Autoflows help you work across shops?

«If we have people on sick leave or a decrease in our capacity, then, since the platform is digital and it is not a manual excel spreadsheet, everything is gathered in one place. This means that an employee in Århus can easily handle customers in Copenhagen and work with everything digitally.»

Would you recommend Autoflows to other dealers?

«The main reason we recommend others to use Autoflows is really that only the sky is the limit. We have built a lot of extra modules on top of the standard product that we have. All we have encountered is an open mindset and interest in solving things and adding value to our business for an amount that is nowhere near what a full-time employee who works with this would cost.»

About P. Christensen

P. Christensen is one of Denmark’s largest car dealers with branches in most of the country. P. Christensen’s Kolding showroom is Northern Europe’s largest Mercedes-Benz car dealership.

From selling cars and spare parts from a small townhouse in the middle of Kolding in 1924, P. Christensen has now become a leading authorized retailer in Denmark for Mercedes-Benz, Peugeot, Citroën and Honda.

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